Destination Weddings over the Water

Your wedding is one of the most important moments of your life and you can ensure it is one of your guests most memorable experiences as well. There are several tips to make your destination wedding just as special for your guests as it is for the newlyweds. 

Consider the guest list and surround yourself with those who mean the most to you. Local weddings can end up with everyone from that high school friend you feel obligated to invite because you recently reconnected on facebook to your boss you fear will be offended if they don’t receive an invite. A destination wedding weeds out those “have to” invitees and lets you share your special day with those who you truly want to witness your I do’s. Take time to think about not only who you want at your ceremony, but the family and friends you want to spend a week in paradise with. You can create a group that will have fun relaxing, partying, dining, and soaking up the sun with. 

Choose a resort with lots to offer! Let us help you narrow down the search and pick a resort that accommodates all of you and your guests’ needs. There are so many amazing options when it comes to destination weddings and we have the knowledge to not only take the stress of deciding off you, but we can make sure you are at a resort that your guests will love. Rather it’s an afternoon at the spa, massages on the beach, an afternoon of zip lining, or swimming with the dolphins, there are so many incredible experiences awaiting you and your guests. Your wedding will no doubt be the highlight of the trip, but the entire week can be filled with exciting things for your guests to cross off their bucket lists. 

Surprise your guests with a welcome bag in their rooms when they arrive. Leave a little something for your guests including some local treats, the wedding itinerary, and a list of activities the resort offers. You can personalize the bags with a letter from the bride and groom letting the guests know how much you appreciate their traveling to attend your nuptials. 

Destination Weddings tables set

Kick off the big event with a welcome party. Host a cocktail hour or party the night everyone arrives at the resort. This gives you a chance to catch up with your guests before the big day and also an opportunity for those who don’t know each other to meet and share some drinks and laughs. This is a great time to set the tone for the upcoming days and allows all of your friends and family to bond. 

Don’t overload your guests’ itinerary. Allow some free time for them to kick back and relax. Although the events surrounding a wedding can be jam packed with lots to do, keep in mind your guests traveled to get to your big day and this is a vacation for them too. You will have lots of time for dinners and wedding related activities, but leave some free time for your guests to unwind and appreciate the gorgeous resort you have brought them to. 

Encourage your guests to take pictures and take advantage of the beautiful surroundings. It’s not often you have the opportunity to have all those that are dear to you in the same place, especially in paradise. Take a little time to have a quick photoshoot on the beach or during sunset to create some priceless photos you and your guests can keep forever. Some of the best moments captured in photos come from the candids your guests capture during the week. Ask them to share their pictures after the trip and enjoy reliving the special week. 

The best tip of all is to soak up the love from all your friends and family who took the time and expense to share in your special day. One of the best aspects of a destination wedding is your travel agent has made all of the plans and reservations and has ensured the wedding coordinator and resort has finalized all the details of your wedding. Now you can relax and be in the moment. The best way to make this trip special for you and your guests is to spend precious time with them truly embracing the gorgeous resort and the time you have together.  

Destination Weddings at the Beach


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