No matter where you are in the stages of wedding planning, the opportunity to switch gears for a moment and start thinking about how to plan your honeymoon  is always a welcome break. There are so many topics to discuss! Where in the world might the two of you want to go? How long will your honeymoon be, and when would the best time be to take your honeymoon, officially?

The bottom line: After months of wedding prep, your honeymoon should offer some much-needed relaxation and quality time together and may be one of the biggest trips you’ve taken together so far. While it sounds heavenly, sometimes the task of honeymoon planning (on top of wedding planning) can take a stressful turn. We at Susan’s Travel Services are here to make that happen!

1. Start early…

Wondering when to start thinking about booking your honeymoon? The ideal timeframe is six to eight months prior to your travel dates, especially if you’re thinking about vacations outside the United States or those  that coincide with the summer travel season. Air can be booked 330 days out, and most hotels can book 18 months out. 

3. Plan your honeymoon together

While dividing and conquering can work for the wedding, it’s not always the best approach when it comes to planning your honeymoon. If one person handles all of the planning of your honeymoon, you might end up with a trip that’s more tailored to their desires. Unless your spouse-to-be is uncommonly perceptive about your travel wishes and peeves, honeymoon planning should be a joint effort.

4. Don’t copy anyone else’s honeymoon itinerary

Wedding planning can be so involved that it’s tempting to copy another couple’s honeymoon itinerary.  But while your friends may have loved that no-stress, all-inclusive resort, you might find you want to see Europe! We at Susan’s Travel Services, are here to tailor make your trip, your way! That’s why we spend time talking to you about what you want, need and like!

5. Be specific about what you want

When you think about exotic places,  does that mean a luxury resort on an island renowned for its natural beauty? Or are you thinking about some faraway foreign country where you don’t speak the language? Daydream with your partner to figure out what you both really want. We can daydream together and find you that perfect destination! 

6. Don’t rely (entirely) on online research

Starting your honeymoon planning with a Google search is perfectly fine, but don’t rely only on search engines. Online reviews can paint a picture that doesn’t match reality and it’s best to thoroughly vet your ideal destination by talking to friends and family who have been there. And that is what we at Susan’s Travel Services are best at! We keep up on the locations, we know the managers, and can help with honest reviews!

7. Set a budget for your honeymoon

Your wedding expenses can tally up quickly and it’s tempting to delve into the honeymoon budget to cover any excess costs. But let’s pause for a moment and really think about this: On average, wedding ceremonies and receptions lasts six to eight hours, while honeymoons last anywhere from seven to 10 to even 14 days. While you’ll never forget the memories of your wedding day, there’s something to be said for the special memories you’ll create on your honeymoon, too.

8. FYI, you don’t have to leave for your honeymoon straight away

Yes, it happens in movies, you know the scene: The newly-married couple floats strait from their wedding and/or reception to the airport, en route to their honeymoon. Now back to real life, where our pros advise giving yourselves some time to catch your breath between the ceremony and the big trip. Whether you’re flat-out exhausted or didn’t hydrate properly during the weekend’s events, odds are that immediately following your wedding festivities you’ll appreciate a good night’s rest. Most of our honeymooners leave on Monday or Tuesday after the wedding!

9. Sample the culture

One reprieve from wedding/honeymoon planning? Well, there’s no reason to wait until your actual honeymoon to give your dream destination a taste! Look up a nearby restaurant or whip up a specialty from the region to really immerse yourselves in the culture. Another option: Turn on your Netflix account and cozy up together with a movie that shows off the location’s scenery and culture. You’ll be daydreaming (or actually dreaming) in no time! We can give you suggestions too!

10. Post your plans on social media

No doubt your honeymoon will be filled with Insta-worthy moments, but the planning process is worth a post on your social network, too. Once you have selected your honeymoon destination, definitely ask for recommendations. It will feel great to share the excitement with your loved ones and you may even get some insider advice from others, too.

While it’s totally okay to be over-the-moon excited planning for your honeymoon, when it comes to social media, it’s best to keep the actual specifics a little more vague. Your whole social network doesn’t need to know exactly when you’ll be away, for how long, or where you’ll be staying. There’s plenty of time for all of that when you get back!

11. Let us  Schedule surprises

While it is great to work side-by-side with your significant other to plan your honeymoon, try to sneak a few surprises in there, too! Pricey or full-day activities are best to discuss as a duo, but adding a couple’s massage into the mix or scheduling a special dinner they might not know about in advance is the perfect way to add a bit of excitement to your romantic—and hopefully memorable—honeymoon vacation together. Cheers to you both! We can do that for both you! It’s what we do!

We are excited about your honeymoon, and we have the experience of 26 years to help!

Remember we are free to you for this! And promise to be the lowest out there!

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