Incentive travel is a great way to motivate employees and reward people who have achieved certain goals in the company. Its beneficial in strengthening the team and creating a special atmosphere to help increase performance.

We at Susan’s Travel Services can help you choose the right incentive trip. We will guide you through all the details and make planning effortless on your part. Our goal is to not only create a memory filled trip for you and your staff, but to do it within budget, provide you with the best resources, and provide unique experiences. All creating bonding and happiness among your employees which translates into more productivity and a better bottom line. Not only will you have your employees feeling appreciated and valued, but you will attract new talent to your company.

Here’s a few examples of how Susan’s Travel Services will help you plan your next corporate trip:


Creating and sticking to a reasonable budget can be very difficult. When planning travel incentive programs many pieces must come together: air travel, entertainment, hotel, meals, and logistics.

We have the experience to negotiate the best prices, keeping you in or under your budget, while providing your team with the trip they deserve.


Many people feel they can effectively plan a corporate incentive trip with the ease of resources available online. This may be true, but can they ensure they are receiving the best deals? Are they booking the right venues? Can they organize the tiniest details to ensure a flawless event to reward your team? Possibly, but that is going to take a lot of time, research, and learning curves. We have first-hand knowledge of the best destination and ways to save you money. The satisfaction of our clients speaks for itself. 


Our agents have years of experience planning great events for businesses and incentive events. We have the inside scoop on the best locations, venues, restaurants, etc. An incentive travel trip isn’t just another vacation; it is meant to motivate, reward, and inspire teams and companies. We understand the importance of these events and know the best method of planning. Corporate meetings and incentive trips are important motivators for the team and company as a whole. If you are going to spend the money to reward your best employees, you want to make sure it is done right. Not only are you going to save money, but your team will walk away excited and ready to start working towards next years goals. And that is OUR goal. To ensure you and your employees are inspired by the trip we help you create.


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