There are many reasons to ditch the big suitcase and take only a carry-on for your trip. 

  1. Spend that $50 on a new pair of shoes. Instead of paying the airline for checked luggage  you can buy a new outfit, bikini, or sunglasses to be stylin on the beach.There
  2. Save your back! Why lug around a heavy suitcase when you can roll that light weight carry-on behind you making your travels easier. 
  3. No waiting forever for your luggage to come out. You can deplane and get that vacation started NOW!
  4. You don’t have to worry about lost luggage.
  5. Everything you need is right there with you at all times. 

Follow these incredible tips for getting everything you need for your trip

packed into just your carry-on

  1. Use all that space. Shoes can take up lots of room. Use the dead space inside the shoes to pack essentials. Stuff your socks, underwear, medications, phone charges inside your shoes. If you don’t like the idea of putting things inside your shoes you can put them in a plastic bag first and then slip them into that extra space. Not only are you able to pack items in the shoes, but you will help your shoes keep their shape while inside your carry-on. It’s a win win! 
  2. Take those fun travel size toiletries. You can only take 3 oz liquids on the plane so this also ensures you have the right sized items for security. Be sure to keep them in a clear zip lock bag so you can quickly take them out when going through security. A trip is the perfect time to use up those sample size beauty products. Beauty supply stores and counters give out sample sizes of moisturizer, eye cream, and makeup pallets. They are just enough product to get you through the week. 
  3. Wear your biggest space stealing clothes on the plane. Sneakers and boots can take up a lot of space. Make them part of your travel outfit so you don’t have to pack them. Layering is always great for airport travel as it can be chilly in some areas of the airport and warmer as you are rushing to make your connection. Wearing a coat/jacket on the plane will allow you to have something to keep your warm during travel and save space in your carry-on. 
  4. Keep your jewelry safe and organized with the plastic wrap trick. Have you ever packed your favorite accessories only to get to your destination and find your necklace knotted up and one earring lost somewhere in your massive suitcase? The inexpensive and ingenious solution is plastic wrap! Lay your jewelry flat on a sheet of plastic wrap and then another sheet on top. Simply fold your items over and tuck them in a shoe or lay them in any nook or cranny in your carry-on. It will keep your jewelry sealed and safe during travel. 
  5. Plan your outfits ahead of time. Lay out your outfits so you can see how you can mix and match key pieces. Keeping the color scheme neutral is also a great tip for no overpacking. When you can pair up jeans or a skirt with a couple different tops or a sweater to change up the look of a dress it gives you multiple outfits using less space. We have all been guilty of overpacking “just in case” we need those high heels or fancy dress but take a look at your itinerary and assign an outfit to each activity. You will find you don’t need to throw in those “just in case” clothes and keep your outfits to a minimum. 
  6. Throw in travel detergent packs. These are not only great if you have a spill on your favorite shirt, but they are very small and make it easy to rinse clothes out in your hotel room. You can freshen up your undergarments and clothes and hang to dry so you can wear clothes multiple times. 
  7. Take advantage of your personal item. It is standard for most airlines to allow a carry-on and personal item for each passenger. Don’t waste this on your small purse. Take a laptop bag or backpack and throw your purse in there along with any other items that won’t fit in your carry-on.
  8. Roll your clothes or use compression bags. Rolling your clothes tight like a burrito makes them easy to pack and also keeps them wrinkle free. Start with the bulkier items as they will take up more room and then fill in the smaller rolled clothes around them. You can also purchase compression bags at stores like Walmart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond etc. They are simple to use. You just throw your clothes in them, zip them up and either squeeze the air out or use a vacuum. It’s almost magical how small they can get. 


Now you are packed and ready to enjoy your trip! You can use the outside pockets of your carry-on for your passport, travel documents and wallet so they are easily accessible and you aren’t having to unzip your carry-on and fumble around looking for those items. Enjoy these tips and tricks and become a pro packer! 


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