Taking a family vacation is an exciting time but can be overwhelming as well. We are going to share some of our best tips for traveling with kids. We will do all the work to plan your most incredible family vacation and with these tips you can ensure the trip is relaxing, fun, and temper tantrum free. 

  1. Don’t wait until your kids are “old enough to remember” 

You wouldn’t apply this same way of thinking to taking them to the park or zoo. Yes the thought of traveling with young children can be daunting, but the memories you will create are priceless. Not only will you be giving your children amazing experiences, you will be teaching your kids to appreciate other cultures and stimulate their interest in the world. 

2.Book wisely

Let us help you with the grunt work! We have hundreds of clients who have traveled with

children and know all the top destinations, hotels, and resorts for kids. Don’t spend hours researching when we have all the answers for you. We love to help our clients create family memories and will take into account your wish list and needs to customize the perfect family trip. 

  1. Don’t overpack

Take clothes you can layer in case the evenings are chilly or your little one gets cold in air conditioned buildings. When traveling with kids we often times try to prepare for every situation and end up trying to juggle all our suitcases while still trying to carry out little ones. Take the essentials (diapers, wipes, medicine, toiletries) but most things you can find on your trip. Take clothes you can layer in case the evenings are chilly or your little one gets cold in air conditioned buildings. You can always rinse out clothing in the sink with handy travel detergent packs or re-outfit clothes matching shorts and pants with different tops each day. If you are on a beach trip you will be spending the majority of your time in bathing suits with cover-ups and those are very easy to throw into a backpack or carry on. 

  1. Have some tricks up your sleeve

Keep some suckable snacks (ring pops are a kid favorite) to help keep your child comfortable during pressure change in an airplane. Sometimes they will get upset because they don’t know why their ears feel so funny. Having a special treat will help keep them distracted. Have some small toys, games, or coloring books that are new or special to them. We often picked up travel toys and games from the local dollar store before traveling with little ones. Didn’t break the bank and the kids were thrilled with their new toys. 

  1. Strollers can be your best friend

The best option we have found is taking a light stroller (umbrella stroller). Not only will it keep your child from having tired legs and save you from hearing complaining, but you can ensure your child is safely buckled in and can’t wander off while walking through the airport. You can also take the stroller right up to the gate. Strollers also make a great place for a quick nap if your child has had enough excitement for the day. Another great option is a 2 in 1 stroller/car seat combo. You will have both options with you without having to lug around a big bulky car seat on top of pushing a stroller. 

  1. Dealing with jet lag 

The best way to handle jet lag is to jump right into the new time zone and start making the adjustment as soon as you land. You may have to keep your child busy and outdoors in the fresh air to keep them up a little later the first night. There will be plenty of new things to see and do to keep them going a little longer that first day. This will help them get into a good sleep routine for the vacation. 

  1. Keep your same routine

Kids thrive on routine and traveling is no exception. If you have a normal bedtime routine (brushing teeth, reading a book, singing songs) keep that same routine at your hotel. It will give the child security and comfort. This will make your vacation much more enjoyable!

  1. Stay calm

Kids don’t always pick the ideal time for a meltdown. It might be mid flight or in the transfer on the way to the resort. It’s ok! Just take a deep breath and know it will pass. They aren’t the first child to be upset during a flight and won’t be the last. Pull out your bag of treats, try to comfort and calm them, and just relax. 

  1. Make your trip an adventure

There are so many new sites, animals, and experiences for your kids to soak up. Take time pointing out new things to your kids. Do a little research and making it a learning experience. Ask your kids questions about their new surroundings. These little moments will mold them into worldly individuals who have a love for travel and learning.

  1. ENJOY

These are some of the best memories you are creating for your child. Traveling can be one of the best parts of the trip if you embrace the journey. Good and bad it is all bonding time. Enjoy the time with your little one!!

Family Vacation Walk on the Beach

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