The number one question I get asked every day is “why should I use a travel agent?”. There are several great reasons. I have spent the last 24 years in the business helping hundreds of people plan their honeymoons, anniversary trips, weddings, family vacations, reunions, dream trips, and once in a lifetime world tours. When you are looking for an incredible trip, you want
someone who has experience with the locations you are looking at. What does it feel like when you get off the airplane? What is Customs like? How far is the drive to the resort? Do you feel safe? Are the rooms luxurious? Do the pictures represent the true look and feel of the destination?

We all know we can be fooled by things online. Our team is here to find out the truth about the resorts and build relationships with the hotels/vendors and locations. We want your trip to be amazing from start to finish! We will know if there are any festivals, or events going on in the location. We are in the know with all vacation promotions? We have the inside scoop on all the extras we can get you with your package. Each client has different wants and needs. By working with our team we can guide to by just knowing your wish list. Do you want the most gorgeous beach? We will know where! Is budget your biggest concern? We will get the best destination while staying within your desired budget. Do you want somewhere with lots of action or do you prefer and quiet relaxing vacation? We have all the answers and our agents love working with clients each step of the way to customize your trip. We have all the insight on what airline, charters, airports have non-stop airfare to select destination and can help you save money. We are on top of the safety issues, insurance issues, and best of all the sales! It’s our full time job! 99% of the time we are cheaper than anyone online and if we are not, we can price match.

Our goal is you! We want to build a relationship with you for life! We pride ourselves in building positive relationships with our clients so we know your wants and needs. When our agents see a sale come across their desk they immediately know which clients would be interested and benefit from the information because we make it our job to know our clients needs and wishes. If you book a trip with us, we are already looking for fantastic ideas for your next trip because we have taken the time and concern about what is the perfect fit for you and your family. Our agents enjoy not only researching and discovering new and exciting destination, excursions, and tours, but we most of all love taking care of you and your family and sending you on vacations to create memories that will last a lifetime. It is truly what we love to do!!!

WE PAY REFERRAL FEES! If you tell your friends and they book through us, you get $50 off your next trip (or an AMAZON gift card). EASY! So let our agents help you! We are all specialized and have different skills that we have spent hours training on to become experts. we are here to help!

Contact us to put together some fantastic ideas for your next trip!! Travel the world with your and create unforgettable moments. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you every step of the way.

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