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At Susan’s Travel Service, we know that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, we also know that while you want everything to be perfect, you don’t want to be stressed about every detail.

We support you every step of the way, from helping you choose your dream destination, to working with the hotel and wedding coordinators to ensure every detail for you, your family, and friends is exactly the way you envision it.

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Tune in to this exclusive podcast to discover the unparalleled expertise of Susan and the lavish experiences she curates for discerning couples like yourselves. Delve into invaluable insights on selecting exquisite destinations at the peak of their allure, optimizing airfare procurement, and sidestepping common pitfalls in wedding and honeymoon planning. With Susan’s Travel Services, you can luxuriate in the assurance that every detail of your celebration will be impeccably handled.

And as a special treat, remember to reference the Wedding Planning Podcast for a gracious $50 deduction towards your ultimate booking. Your dream celebration awaits, elevated by Susan’s unparalleled finesse and dedication to opulent experiences.

2024 Weddings

Dylan & Sarena March 3rd, 2024 LINK

Garrett & Jessica March 1st, 2024 LINK

Jordan & Claire July 20th, 2024 LINK

Oscar & Ebony April 13th, 2024 LINK

Drew & Louise November 7th, 2023 LINK


2023 Weddings

Drew & Louise November 7th, 2023 LINK

Jessica & Dani November 12th, 2023 LINK

Matthew & Chandler March 3rd, 2023 LINK

Manny & Roxanne March 16th, 2023 LINK

Drew & Ashley July 28th, 2023 LINK

Andrew & Kailey May 19th, 2023 LINK

2022 Weddings

Andrew & Alexsa July 7th, 2022 LINK

Matthew & Rupal August 5th and 6th, 2022 LINK

Chris & Becky August 5th, 2022 LINK

Raul & Vanessa October 14th, 2022 LINK

William & Jillian December 2nd, 2022 LINK

Aidan & Lucy December 10th, 2022 LINK

MJ & Marquita November 11th, 2022 LINK

Rhonetta & Payin July 2nd, 2022 LINK

Nathan & Ciara November 11th, 2022 LINK


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