Susan Green

Owner & Travel Advisor since 1994

I’ll never forget my first trip to South Africa in 2010: Our first day there, my breath was literally taken away! My hubby Dan and I were on a private tour of the Kruger National Park with Mala Mala Camp. Our guide spotted a male lion, he sauntered by just like a true King of the Jungle and came within a few feet of our open Jeep. I could hardly breathe, is this creature only two feet away from me?!

The lion moves past us towards a female lion, she responds by rearing back and roaring at him to getaway. Is she angry? Is he her mate or an enemy?? Why is she so upset? The roar is so loud it vibrates through my entire body, I can actually feel it. Then we all see it – three little cubs that can’t be more than a few weeks old, standing behind their mother. They start playing just like puppies do, jumping and tumbling over each other. It was all I could do not to reach out and pick one up! It may have been my first trip to Africa, but I wasn’t that stupid!

We were transfixed, watching this family for more than an hour. It felt like minutes. It was a holy moment.

My business is all about helping people experience their own once-in-a-lifetime trips, and I’ve helped countless clients find moments of awe and wonder at our world. It’s what I love about my job. I am always at the ready to do far more than just book a plane ticket and hotel room for you. I get to know my clients and learn what they want (and don’t want!) from their travel adventures. If this sounds like the kind of rapport you want with your travel agent, call me, I’m always happy to do complimentary consultations.